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We are revamping how plays will be sold after the NBA Playoffs.
All long-term packages have been taken off the website in the mean time. 
The new package options will be listed once the NBA Finals commence.

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UFC 276: MAX PLAY Package

Fresh off ANOTHER winning UFC card last weekend, Quan has now produced a profit in 15 of 21 (71.4%) UFC events in 2022 for himself and his clients.

UFC 276 is a STACKED card — the biggest of the year featuring six plays including a rare MAX play. Quan's UFC Max plays are 11-5 (68%) profiting 45.7 units over the past 18 months.

Join Quan and his clients in more cage side cashing with UFC 276 this Saturday night!

$100.00 $50.00 | UFC


One Week All Access


One Month All Access


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