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We are revamping how plays will be sold after the NBA Playoffs.
All long-term packages have been taken off the website in the mean time. 
The new package options will be listed once the NBA Finals commence.

Our fully transparent documented record is updated daily:

2022 Documented Record


NFL Season Package - 86% Winners

Quan is off to a RED HOT start to the NFL season. He is fresh off a perfect 4-0 sweep in Week 3, part of his 13-2 (86%) NFL run since Sunday of Week 1 — profiting over 20 units in the process.  

This is nothing new or different for Quan who has been making money for himself and his clients since August — hitting 67% winners in the preseason, an elite 23-8 record in all NFL plays since last month.

If you missed out on the preseason and first three weeks for whatever reason, there is still time to hop on board as there is still over 85% of the season left to take advantage of. Stop delaying & sign up now!

$699.00 | NFL

NFL & NCAAF Combo Yearly Package

After a long offseason, the NFL is finally back! Quan is best known for his NFL plays, that is his namesake on Twitter after all.

Quan has consistently been among one of the best NFL minds in the industry since he has been selling his plays online and his results for himself and his clients speak for themselves — hitting at a 58% rate while cashing out for over 355 total units over a six year span. 

Get every single NFL & NCAAF play from the preseason until a Super Bowl LVII Champion is crowned!

$1,499.00 $1,099.00 | NFL & NCAAF


NFL Season Package

$999.00  $699.99

One Year All Access



One Week All Access


One Month All Access


Three Month All Access

$1,250.00 $1,000.00

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