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Documented winning track record an unbelievable +140.7u units the past 17 events since the restart. 15 of 17 winning tournaments.

All access to every Masters play I make including rounder leaders, H2Hs, derivatives, and of course my outrights!

If you are looking to CASH OUT betting on the Masters this weekend you are in the right spot.

Since the PGA restart in the middle of June, Quan has been on an absolute tear, profiting on 15 of 17 tournaments (88%) while hitting eight outrights at huge plus money odds!


PGA Outrights Since the Restart:
Webb Simpson 29/1 ✅
DJ 28/1 ✅
 Bryson 6/1 ✅

 Morikawa 33/1 ✅ 
Rahm 8/1 ✅
JT 12/1 ✅
Morikawa 10/1 ✅
 Bryson 28/1 ✅

+$15,250 on outrights alone for $100 bettors!

Overall bettors are up 140.7 units across all plays including head to heads, three ball, derivatives and outrights.

$10/u bettor up $1,407
$25/u bettor up $3,518
$50/u bettor up $7,035
$100/u bettor up $14,070
$250/u bettor up $35,175

You can view a documented history of all of the plays with a tournament by tournament breakdown here.

For a golf handicapper the four Majors (the Masters, the U.S. Open, The British Open and the PGA Championship) are the Super Bowl of golf betting.

As someone who is shopping around for winning golf picks, you should only consider a capper who has a solid track record of excelling during the majors — something Quan has done in spades!

He had Tiger at 14/1 in the Masters last year and Bryson at 28/1 most recently in the US Open this year in September.

Quan's golf model, winning PGA track record and collection of big plus money outright tickets speaks for themselves — if you want to cash out this weekend we look forward to having you on board!

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