Summer League Package

For most sports bettors, the end of June through the middle of August are the dog days of the sports betting year with nothing to bet on besides the MLB (yuck!) 
.... but it doesn't have to be

Summer Basketball is one of the most exploitable and profitable markets of the sports betting year and if you aren't betting it, you are missing out.

I know this may sound like a ridiculous claim but the proof is in the pudding: 
Over the past three years, my Summer Basketball is hitting at 96-56 (63%), +107.5u between the TBT, Summer League, and Olympics.

The majority of those profits came from NBA Summer League which is 73-48 (60%), +70.2u since 2018 and we are hitting 67% so far this season.

2018 NBA Summer League: 44-31 (60%), +42.7u
2019 NBA Summer League:
27-16 (63%), +26u
2021 NBA Summer League: 2-1 (67%), +1.5u

I have also correctly predicted the winner of the Summer League in advance each of the past 
two summers and absolutely love my selection for this year and dropped a BIG ticket on it.

There is still plenty of time to get on board as there are 77 games left in the Summer League and the main Las Vegas portion of the league tips off this afternoon at 4PM EST.  You will receive every play until a Summer League Champion is crowned plus my coveted future.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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