Summer Hoops Package

For most sports bettors, the end of June through the middle of August are the dog days of the sports betting year with nothing to bet on besides the MLB (yuck!) 
.... but it doesn't have to be

Summer Basketball is one of the most exploitable and profitable markets of the sports betting year and if you aren't betting it, you are missing out.

I know this may sound like a ridiculous claim but the proof is in the pudding: 
Over the past four years, my Summer Basketball is hitting at 112-67 (63%), +128u between the TBT, Summer League, and Olympics.

2018 NBA Summer League: 44-31 (60%), +42.7u
2019 NBA Summer League:
27-16 (63%), +26u
2020 TBT: 9-4 (69%), +12.9u
2021 NBA Summer League: 11-8 (58%), +4.5u
'21 Olympics Basketball: 7-1 (88%), +8u

2021 TBT:  14-7 (67%), +33.9 units.

I have also correctly predicted the winner of the Summer League in advance two of the past 
three summers and absolutely love my selection for this year and dropped a BIG ticket on it.

In addition to NBA Summer League which goes from July 5th to July 17th, you also get all of my TBT plays.

What is the TBT?

The Basketball Tournament, better known as the TBT, is a tournament that is put on every summer where 64 teams come together to compete for a $1 million winner take all prize. The teams are comprised mostly of talented college level players who never made it into the association but have excelled playing overseas or in other competitive leagues. 

The vast player knowledge that Quan has from watching endless college basketball during the fall comes in very handy and he has always had success handicapping this tournament, including a 9-4 (69%), +12.9 unit tournament in 2020 and a ridiculous 14-7 (67%), +33.9 unit tournament last year that was capped off with a very nice winning ticket on Boeheim's Army to win it all as pictured above.

Proven Hoops Profit Producer

If you have been following Quan for awhile you know he is one of, if not THE best Hoops handicappers in the industry.

He is coming off his best NBA Season of his career where he finished the season 163-99 (62%), +108.7u including an insane 56-28 (67%), +45.5u run through the playoffs.

He has a documented track record of success in all forms of basketball whether it's College Hoops, NBA regular season, preseason or Summer League, or of course his specialty the TBT.

These lines do have low limits and the lines move quickly, so Quan will only be accepting 50 new clients for his Summer Hoops Package to ensure that all of his existing long term clients will still be able to get the best of the number.

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