(all picked Wednesday night pre-tourney)

Documented winning track record an unbelievable +69.01 units the past 5 events since COVID.

All access to every PGA play I make for the entirety of 2020, 22 more events, ALL majors.

No main sports the past four months has been a drag... but who really needs them when we are hitting 30/1 golf outrights every week!


Last Four PGA Events:
Webb Simpson 29/1 ✅
DJ 28/1 ✅
 Bryson 6/1 ✅

 Morikawa 33/1 ✅

Ok, that statement above is definitely tongue in cheek — we all definitely miss the main sports — but golf has more than done it's part in softening the blow and more importantly padding the bank rolls!

To put it in perspective: 60 units won over the course of a full 17 week NFL season would go down as an extremely successful season... we have already gained 69 units in golf in FOUR WEEKS!

If it wasn't all publicly documented on my Twitter this would sound like one of Vegas Dave's preposterous claims but as we know the proof is in the pudding! It has been an incredible run and is a testament to how potent my PGA model is but we have had a lot of good luck mixed in as well.

Although I suppose you
could say we have also been a bit UNLUCKY as we were a missed 4 foot putt away from cashing FIVE straight outrights!

So what is included in the PGA Package?

When you sign up it becomes my job to make you a winner. 

Even though it is only being highlighted now with no other main sports to bet, I have been betting PGA for years and my track record has been well documented far beyond the most recent four week heater.

We had a similar run in 2018 where we won three of the four majors and had Tiger Woods last year at the Master's as a MAX play as well.

Have no worry that this is a "flash in the pan" type of a hot streak, I have quietly been dominating PGA betting for years and have posted almost all of the plays as free plays on my Twitter. This is just the first year where I have had time with no other major sports to cap to really delve deep and the results have obviously been tremendous.

Every PGA Play for the 2020 Season

You will receive access to every play I make for the remainder of the 2020 PGA Season. This includes 22 more events and ALL of the four Majors.

Plays will range from outright winners, round leaders, head to head matchups, Top 10, 20, 30 derivatives or any other prop play where I may identify value.

"Ask Quan" Benefits

There will be plenty of plays each round, but if you have questions on specific matchups that you may personally like, you can always take advantage of your "Ask Quan" benefits and send me a DM or email asking about any specific matchup or bet that you may be considering and I will give you my input on it, positive or negative.

Live Betting Hedging Advice

In a perfect world, our outright futures picks would all be rocking chair winners, but this is very rarely the case. Many times our futures pick may be right in the thick of things on Sunday afternoon, but it can be stressful and confusing to know what is the right move to do, either try to hedge or let it ride. 

If our futures are ever in this position I will give you my advice on what I am personally doing. So far this year we are perfect on hedging strategies, hedging out of Morikawa to guarantee profit in the Charles Schwab but then we let it ride against Justin Thomas at the Workday, both times maximizing profits!


So what does it cost?

Anyone who has ever hit a big golf future will tell you there is no feeling in sports betting like hitting a massive golf future, it is truly a one of a kind feeling. Golf betting is so unique because of the large field with every tournament. Because the field is so large, every golfer is given high odds by default. This gives us as sports bettors a huge advantage because unlike in other sports where a 10/1 favorite has almost no chance to ever win, a 10/1 favorite cashes EVERY time in a golf tournament. Only in golf betting can you expect to have a realistic chance at consistently cashing out on these huge plus money odds because there is always one big plus money winner at every tournament.

Of course the big challenge is being able to identify which golfer has the value that week at their high money line price, but that is where I can help you. 

It is no secret that I have a special talent at identifying futures — I have been known to hit futures in every sport from NCAAB, to NBA to NFL to even MLB. This same talent works wonders when it comes to betting the PGA and obviously the proof is in the pudding with four straight outright winners.

It is hard to price this package because the returns from golf betting can easily 10x any other sport due to the nature of the huge moneyline prices that comes when betting outrights. For example, my best NFL season ever was 100 units, and my clients were absolutely ecstatic with that. Through 5 weeks of PGA betting, we are already 70% there!  

I am thrilled that most of you who are reading this have been following along with my picks for the past five weeks and are hopefully up as much as my VIP clients and myself are. Because of this I am going to make getting access to my PGA plays very accessible for anyone... there will be three options:

PGA Single Tournament Package: $75/Week

PGA Three Pack (Good for Three Tournaments): $200

PGA Yearly Package (All plays through end of 2020):  $599 

Ready to get on board? Join the team now!

These could be your results!
Stop sitting on the sidelines and watching us brag about hitting huge outrights each week!
Join the winning team!


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