NFL Yearly Package


  • Documented winning track record & long term proven NFL winner including a historical 62-34 (65%), +47.5u season last year.
  • No max bombs to inflate units all plays on a 1-3 unit scale. 
  • All access to every NFL play for the entirety of the season from the preseason until a Super Bowl 58 champion is crowned!

The NFL is back!

It feels like just yesterday that Chiefs made their second half comeback against the Eagles, winning their second Super Bowl in the Patrick Mahomes era while cashing a VERY nice +700 futures ticket for my clients and myself — the cherry on top of another phenomenal NFL season where my NFL releases went 62-34 (65%) while profiting 47.5 units in the process.

This kind of success was nothing new or different for myself or my clients. 

We have been consistently beating the NFL market season after season for nearly a decade and many know me best for my NFL success — my handle on Twitter is "Quan NFL" after all. From September through February I live, breath, eat and sleep NFL and my results are a testament to that.

My NFL releases have a 58% winning percentage (479-341) since I began documenting my picks on Twitter back in 2014 for a cumulative total of 464.4 units or an average of over 58 units per season.

Now I know as well as anyone... this industry is full of blowhard touts who throw out all sorts of ridiculous numbers and claims of past results so those numbers at face value don't mean much. 

But the proof is in the pudding with Quan.

Every August, Quan puts his 'money where his mouth is' entering the prestigious Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest®, aka The Ultimate Football Handicapping Challenge. He has placed 'inside the money' four times the past 7 years, including an 18th place finish in 2022.

Any capper can make up statistics from previous years in a spreadsheet but very few compete in the Super Contest, let alone consistently placing among the handicapping elite, year after year. 

When you sign up it becomes MY JOB to make you a winner 

My NFL track record speaks for itself but as impressive as my past performances may be, that is all rear view mirror stuff now.

All that matters moving forward is having continued success THIS season.

So far through the preseason and Week 3, we are sitting at 17-9 (65.4%), +5.9u.

So what is included in the NFL Season Package?

Every NFL Play For The 2023-2024 Season

You will receive every single one of my NFL releases from the first week of preseason until a Super Bowl 58 champion is crowned including sides, totals, player props, and teasers. 

Futures & Season Win Totals

You will also get access to our Season Win Totals and NFL futures. Last year we didn't have any season win totals in the NFL, but we did in College Football including our one and only MAX win total of the year with Washington State over 5.5 wins.

Last our ONLY NFL future wager was on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl at +700 odds for 2 units which we cashed for $14,000. 

In-Depth Write-Ups For Every Play

Along with every play I make you will also receive a detailed write-up where I take you into my head and explain my exact thought process for my selections. Anyone can just give you a pick and say good luck — the true value is in explaining why you are making the pick so you can not only understand the rationale behind it but also garner some handicapping knowledge along the way. Or if you are the type who only cares about cashing tickets and just wants to see the pick — not a problem, all picks are listed front and center with write-ups to follow.

What is the investment?

The NFL Yearly Package is $1000 this season which is not prorated down to $750.

No, my packages are not cheap, but the value is unmatched.

Last year, we profited +53.8 units between NFL and College Football with an ROI of 26.2%.

Anyone who is betting
$50 per unit or more can expect serious returns. 

For example, a small $50/u bettor profited $2,375 last season.  An average $100/u bettor profited $4,750.

If this package is too expensive for you, then you are just not betting enough, plain and simple.

Don't just take my word for it! What past clients have said:

Are you ready to take your sports betting to the next level?

If you are ready to take your sports betting seriously and use it as a mechanism to produce a secondary (or even primary) form of income, you are in the right place.

As sports betting space has become polluted by fly by night 'handicappers' who promise the world but their results come up far short of expectations, the one constant in this space over the last half a decade has been my consistency in producing results the NFL year after year after year.

If you have a bankroll to dedicate to this package and have the discipline to stick to the script, you can be like the hundreds of clients who subscribe to my NFL package every year and use it to generate a very solid second stream of income.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!



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