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Documented winning track record & long term proven NBA winner profiting 369 units past 5 seasons (average of 74u per year)

No max bombs to inflate units all plays on a 1-5 unit scale. 

All access to every NBA play for the entirety of the restart and playoffs including my coveted futures!

Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines watching me recap NBA after NBA winner every night, now is your chance...

Anyone who has been even remotely following my page on Twitter knows that we are on an NBA run for the ages...

NBA Restart 42-17 (72.4%) run!

I started the NBA Restart on an absolute tear, finishing at 21-7 (75%) for +17.9 units all using a 1-2 unit scale.

Since then, that run has been extended to a 42-17 (72.4%), +48as my clients and I continue to absolutely dominate the NBA betting market including a perfect 6-0 on my maximum confidence 3u pays.

You would be extremely hard pressed to find another capper out there with similar numbers, trust me when I say you are in the hands of an NBA Expert when you sign up for this package.

Click HERE to view all of the documented picks from the 2020 season, restart and playoffs.

I understand that any capper can go on hot runs that can be rather flukey, but this kind of a run is not a "flash in the pan". I had an almost identical run in last year's playoffs which finished at 68-40 (63%), +64 units where I went on a 25-4, +47 unit run, so with me these kind of runs when you are with me is the expectation, not a fluke occurrence. 

Click HERE to view all of the documented picks from the 2019 Playoffs.

When you sign up it becomes my job to make you a winner 

We were on an absolute heater through the NBA Restart hitting 42-16 (72%) and we will continue our domination through the rest of playoffs.

My record and past performance speaks for itself and I look forward to having you on board to close out this NBA playoff run for the ages!

So what is included in the NBA Package?

Every NBA Play For The Remainder Playoffs

You will receive access to every play I make be it a side, total, player prop, or team total for the entirety of the remaining NBA Playoffs. 

Every play comes with a one to two paragraph writeup explaining exactly why we are betting our money on the play and what perceived edge we have. 

In addition you will also receive access to my rare acclaimed money line dog parlays which have cashed some huge tickets over the years including an epic Heat ML / Rockets ML parlay which hit at +800 odds only a few short days ago.

Highly Coveted NBA Futures

I am known for a lot of things as a handicapper but I am probably best well known for my almost super natural ability to predict futures winners. Hitting a futures bet at huge plus money odds is the best feeling a sports bettor can have — there is nothing like predicting the future months in advance and getting a huge payout as a reward. My track record on futures is second to none from calling the Cavs epic 3-1 comeback in 2016, UNC to win it all in 2017, Nova to win it all in 2018, the Chiefs to win it all last year and most recently my four straight PGA outrights in a row.

Season long NBA clients and I have had an ace up our sleeve all season long on what is quite possibly my favorite futures bet EVER. I have been personally rolling all of my PGA Outright winnings over onto this future, this play in itself is worth the price of this package.

You will get this CURTAIN CLOSER play on who is going to win it all this year in addition to my pick on who is going to win the East (unfortunately you are a little late to the party on this one as we have Celtics +700 from back in October and Heat +900, numbers that are obviously long gone).

In-Depth Write-Ups For Every Play

Along with every play I make you will also receive a detailed write-up where I take you into my head and explain my exact thought process for my selections. Anyone can just give you a pick and say good luck — the true value is in explaining why you are making the pick so you can not only understand the rationale behind it but also garner some handicapping knowledge along the way. 

In these write-ups I share my tried and true NBA capping secrets that have a long history of being extremely profitable. You get my winning plays, sound rationale to make you confident while submitting your bets and you will become a better handicapper in the process! 

Or if you are the type who only cares about cashing tickets and just wants to see the plays — not a problem, all picks are listed front and center with write-ups to follow.


5 Year NBA Documented Record:
2015-2016: +136u
2016-2017: +105.3u
2017-2018: +13.2u
2018-2019: +90.8u

2019-2020: +71.7u


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