2023  March Madness Package

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March Madness 2022 Record:
21-9 (70%), +24.1u

2022-2023 NCAAB Record:
83-52 (61%), +34.4u

2022-2023 March Madness Package

Quan is a proven profit producer in March College Hoops and this year has been no different, already off to a 7-1 (88%) start to March this season.

Last year he absolutely dominated the NCAA Tournament, hitting at 21-9 (70%) while profiting over 24 units in the process.

This is nothing new or different for Quan who has posted a winning March Madness tournament for each of the past six years — an average units won of +41u per tournament including the aforementioned torrid 21-9 (70%), +24.1u tournament run last year.

2016: +34.8u
2017: +85.8u
2018: +75.3u
2019: +21.4u
2020: March Madness Cancelled Due to Covid-19
2021: +7.8u
2022: +24.1u

Beyond that, he has a amazing track record with College Hoops futures:

He had Richmond to win the A-10 conference last year at a whopping 16/1 odds and correctly predicted the eventual NCAA champion taking North Carolina at 10/1 odds in 2017 and Villanova at 6/1 odds in 2018, hence the massive results those years!

This year he has another future that could pay out a cool $24,000 if his predicted team cuts down the nets!

Now as impressive as all of that may be, that is all rear view mirror stuff now.

All that matters moving forward is having continued success again this March.

As they say 'success leaves clues' and you would be hard pressed to find a College Hoops handicapper with a stronger long term winning March College Hoops resume than Quan.

He has had another phenomenal College Hoops season hitting 60% across all of his plays since the season tipped off in November and we look forward to having you joining us for another epic March Madness Tournament this year.

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So what do you get with the March Madness Package

Every College Hoops Play

You will receive every single college basketball for the conference tournaments, NCAA Tournament, plus any plays released in the NIT or CBI Tournaments.

March Madness Bracket

You will get my March Madness Bracket come tournament time, I've won my pool five of the past eight years including finishing in the 99% last year.

College Hoops Futures

You will receive my "March Madness Betting Guide" (click to see last year's iteration) which will contain all futures, my opinion for all opening round games, as well as my bracket.

How are plays delivered?

Plays are be delivered via email, text, and will be posted to the March Madness Telegram group staring on Tuesday March 14.

Plays are typically all posted or sent at one time, although on days when there are big slates, they may come in an AM and PM wave.

How are plays delivered?

Plays will  be emailed to the email address that you signup with at checkout. Plays are typically all posted or sent at one time, although on days when there are big slates, they could come in an AM and PM wave.

This year we will also have a telegram channel which you will get an invitation to when you sign up. Plays will be posted in there starting Tuesday, March 15.

What Past Clients Have Said:

What does it cost?

- NCAA Tournament
- NIT & CBI Tournaments
- My March Madness Bracket
- All of my futures




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