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    Documented winning track record hitting 65% winners for 86 units past two tournaments.
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    No max bombs to inflate units all plays on a one to five unit scale.
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    No one better at futures. Had UNC +1000 two years ago and Villanova last year at +600 well in advance, and have the winner again this year.

March Madness is here... time to dance!

The Big Dance is finally here! The last week of March through the first two weeks of April have consistently been my most profitable four week stretch of the betting fiscal year over the past four years.

The reason for this is obviously the March Madness Tournament, my favorite sporting event of the sports season and an event that I dominate every year.

Beginning  in 2017 when I began sharing my College Hoops picks on Twitter there have been hundreds of clients who have joined me in March and have cleaned out their local bookies and offshores along with me during the March Madness tournament.

2016-2017 Documented Record

2017-2018 Documented Record

Over the past two years of documented plays I have averaged 65% winners for an average of 42 units during the March Madness tournament.

In addition, I have also correctly predicted the eventual champion well in advance the past two seasons having North Carolina at 10/1 odds and Villanova last year at 6/1 odds and have the winner pegged again this year at heavy plus money odds.

Now as impressive as all of that may be, that is all rear view mirror stuff now. 

I am focused on making this the best March Madness EVER and look forward to seeing you on the inside...

With the 2018-2019 NCAAB PACKAGE you get:

​Every College Hoops Play

You will receive every one of my plays for the March Madness tournament as well as any plays I make in the NIT, CBI and CIT tournaments as well. 

​March Madness Bracket

You will also receive my March Madness Bracket which has won my pool 5 of the past 7 years.

College Hoops Future​

You will receive my coveted March Madness future pick, this is my one and ONLY pick to win the tournament.

How are plays delivered?

Plays will be posted on the website in the VIP section which you will automatically get access to with the username and password you select when you complete the checkout process.

Plays will also be emailed to the email address that you signup with at checkout. If you want plays delivered to a different email address, you need to specify that either through DM on Twitter or through email, quan@beatthebookcapping.com.

When are plays sent?

All plays will be posted an hour before the tip of the first game of the day. You will have all of the plays for the day emailed at one time. The only exception would be any second half plays which obviously are dependent on the results of the first half.

What people are saying:


What does it cost?

All humility aside, there is no other handicapper out there who has the track record I have when it comes to success in the March Madness tournament over the past two seasons. I have hit at an unbelievable 65% winning rate along with having the eventual champion picked at 10/1 and 7/1 odds in back to back years.

The March Madness package this year is $299 which includes every play for all of the tournaments (March Madness, NIT, CBI, and CIT) as well as my NCAA Tournament Bracket and future pick.

I know this is out of the price range for the majority of bettors but everyone knows my packages are not cheap and are priced for bettors who are betting minimally $100 per unit.

In order to reward those who take action and to make it affordable to those smaller bettors I will be offering 50% off for the first 50 buyers or the next 12 hours, after that it will go back to the full retail price for the remainder of the tournament.

My documented results speak for itself and I am ready to crush this tournament once again! Look forward to having you on board!



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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