NCAAB 2021-2022 Package

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2021-2022 NCAAB Record: 27-17 (61%), +16.6u
NCAAB Record L4 Years: 521-353 (60%), 360.6 units

2021-2022 NCAAB Package

College Hoops is finally back!

Winning at sports betting is one of the hardest things you can attempt to do and don't let anyone tell you differently.

But if you have an effective model like I do, college basketball is the "easiest" sport to win at at given the vast multitude of games sports books have to line every night which results in soft exploitable odds — especially early in the season.

My documented record over the past four seasons is a testament to that — between 2016-2020, my college basketball plays finished 494-336 (60%) for 344 units.

We are off to another tremendous star to the season this year with a record of 27-17 (61%), +16.6u after one week in the books. That also includes a 23-8 (71%), +28.4 unit run over the last 31 plays after the model was tweaked to adjust for a few new factors that are new to this year.

You can see the documented record for this season here, and for the past six seasons below.

Beyond that, I also have correctly predicted the eventual champion well in advance two of the past three seasons having North Carolina at 10/1 odds in 2017 and Villanova at 6/1 odds in 2018. 

In 2019 we did come up short with Gonzaga as our preseason pick but did come back with a big play on Virginia in the title game.

This year we have a relatively extensive preseason portfolio package with a few Conference futures as well as an early futures bet (my favorite to ultimately cut down the nets) who is in the +2000 range.

Now as impressive as all of that may be, that is all rear view mirror stuff now.

All that matters moving forward is having continued success and after a long  offseason of
preparation. I am extremely prepared for another great repeat performance again this year.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Like any market, the College Hoops betting market gets more efficient as the season goes on, but early in the season (November & December) is when the big money is made taking advantage of these very soft and often times just flat out incorrect lines.

Over the past four seasons, November and December have historically been our best months and is when our model has the biggest edge over the market,  especially with the small market teams who take the line-makers a few months to properly power rate. 

Last year we were 51-28 (65%), +34.1u  after the first month of the season, which was my second best first month of all time.

In 2019, it was the same story, profiting 19.8 units in November, then picking up another 14 units in the first week of December to finish the first 30 days of that season with a profit of +33.8 units.

I don't say this just to brag, my point is,  if you want to get on board and make sure you maximize profits,  it is vital to be on board from the beginning because the first month of the season is always the best. 

If you are signing up late, yes, you already missed out on 16 units, but there is still plenty of time to take advantage of these stale numbers of the next three weeks. We are on pace for a record 60+ units of profit after the first week of the 2021-2022 campaign.

Ready to get on board? Join the team now!

College Hoops Model

Unlike every other sport I handicap (NFL, UFC, NBA) which are based on feel, matchup and situational handicaps, College Hoops and PGA are unique in that I have a mathematical model which I use to determine our plays.

This model was built using a variety of proprietary stat categories derived from a blend of program, coach, and player ratings, opponent strength, pace of play, travel distance, rest and altitude. The model then simulates the games 10,000 times to produce daily projections which are then cross referenced against the betting line to determine which plays have value each day.

This approach allows for us to have a serious edge on the market (especially early on in the season) with smaller conference games which have smaller limits so they are not heavily bet into and Vegas doesn't line them as sharply. These games have very exploitable lines as a result. If you are not comfortable placing bets on the Nicholls State's and Northern Arizona's of the world (or more importantly, your book doesn't line them) then this package isn't for you.

That is not to say we solely bet small conference games, quite the opposite. We will have plenty of plays on marquee games as well when the line has value, but we will be playing a lot of the smaller schools as well so it is vital that you have a book that offers these games (by this point, 95% of books do so this should not be an issue).

You can view the record of all of the plays that we made so far this season to get an idea of the volume and variety of plays to expect here: 2020-2021 Documented Plays

So what do you get with the NCAAB Package

Every College Hoops Play

You will receive every single college basketball play for the entirety of the season, March Madness included.

March Madness Bracket

You will get my March Madness Bracket come tournament time, I've won my pool five of the past eight years.

College Hoops Futures

You will receive all of my futures, including a preseason conference winner, as well as my pick on who will win it all. 

How are plays delivered?

The model is run every day at 12 PM eastern time and plays are posted to the website and emailed to the clients every day at 1PM Eastern Time. This ensures all clients can get the same readily available lines.

Any non-model plays will be sent with write-ups one hour minimum before tip off.

What if the season is cut short?

If the season pauses before completion then restarts, you will obviously continue to receive plays when it starts back up.

If the season is cut short and we are not up at least 10 units, you will receive a full site credit for the purchase price of the package valid for use on any future purchases. 

How are plays delivered?

Plays will be posted on the website in the VIP section which you will automatically get access to with the username and password you select when you complete the checkout process.

Plays will also be emailed to the email address that you signup with at checkout. Plays are typically all posted or sent at one time, although on days when there are big slates, they could come in an AM and PM wave.

What if the season is cut short?

If the season pauses before completion then restarts, you will obviously continue to receive plays when it starts back up.

If the season is cut short and we are not up at least 10 units, you will receive a full site credit for the purchase price of the package valid for use on any future purchases. 

What Past Clients Have Said:

What does it cost?

Everyone knows that my packages are not cheap but you get what you pay for. Capping college basketball over the course of a season is a massive time commitment. I have to constantly update the model and then spend hours each day identifying which are the best plays. We are talking every single night for six months straight, no days off.

The College Basketball Package will be $699 for the season which includes every play for the entire season as well as every play for March Madness and my futures.

March Madness will also have its own stand alone package for $299.

You can purchase the Season Package for $699 which will include every single College Hoops play until a 2022 March Madness champion is crowned, or there is the monthly option for $199. The month package comes with a "must profit or full money back" guarantee for the first 30 days of the season.

Only $699

Only $199


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What is the timing of the plays?

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What if the season is cut short due to COVID?

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