NBA '24 Second Half Package


  • Documented winning track record & long term proven NBA winner profiting 578 units past 7 seasons (average of 82u per year)
  • No max bombs to inflate units all plays on a 1-3 unit scale. 
  • All access to every NBA play for the entirety of the season and playoffs until a 2024 NBA Champion is crowned!

It is no secret that most have come to know me for my NFL success over the years.

 But basketball has been my most profitable sport over the past seven years.

2023-2024 NBA Season Record:
78-54 (59%), +13.7u
+10.28% ROI
Including a RED HOT 65% (31-17) run since the calendar turned to 2024

The results do not lie!
323-189 (63%), +147.7u

Over my last 512 NBA releases dating back to 2022, myself and my clients are up more than +147 units of profit while cashing at a 63% clip.
(I know that sounds like a ridiculous Vegas Dave claim, but take a look at all of the  client Twitter testimonials at the bottom of this page if you have any doubts!)

7 Year NBA Documented Record:
2015-2016: +136u
2016-2017: +105.3u
2017-2018: +13.2u
2018-2019: +90.8u

2019-2020: +104.7u
2021-2022: +108.7u
2022-2023: +19.1u

2023-2024 (first half): +13.7u
Total: +591.8u

You can see every play from the last two years documented below:
NBA '21-22 Documented Record

NBA '22-23 Documented Record
NBA '23-24 Documented Record
(I am fully transparent and update the spreadsheet every day with every play, win OR lose!)

When You Sign Up It Becomes My Job To Make You A Winner 

I have proven over seven full seasons that I can consistently beat the NBA line year after year and my NBA track record speaks for itself.

But as impressive as my past performances may be, all of that is rear view mirror stuff now.

All that matters moving forward is having continued success THIS season.

You would be extremely hard pressed to find another capper out there with similar numbers, trust me when I say you are in the hands of an NBA Expert when you sign up for this package.

So what is included in the NBA Season Package?

Every NBA Play Until A 2023 Champ is Crowned

You will receive access to every play I make be it a side, total, player prop, or team total for the entirety of the NBA Season and Playoffs.

In-Depth Write-Ups For Every Play

Along with every play I make you will also receive a detailed write-up where I take you into my head and explain my exact thought process for my selections.  Anyone can just give you a pick and say good luck — the true value is in explaining why you are making the pick so you can not only understand the rationale behind it but also garner some handicapping knowledge along the way. 

In these write-ups I share my tried and true NBA capping secrets that have a long history of being extremely profitable. You get my winning plays, sound rationale to make you confident while submitting your bets and you will become a better handicapper in the process! 

Or if you are the type who only cares about cashing tickets and just wants to see the plays — not a problem, all picks are listed front and center with write-ups to follow.

NBA Futures

Hitting a futures bet at huge plus money odds is the best feeling a sports bettor can have — there is nothing like predicting the future months in advance and getting a huge payout as a reward.

My track record on futures is second to none from calling the Cavs epic 3-1 comeback in 2016, UNC to win it all in 2017, Nova to win it all in 2018, the Heat to win the East and Lakers to win it all in 2020, and most recently the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl (my one and ONLY future bet)  in BOTH 2022 and 2023. 

My clients and I also have a big future on a team to win the NCAA College Basketball championship and through a few long shot parlays paired with the Chiefs, I personally have over $100k riding on it, one of my most confident future selections EVER!
*You can get access to the coveted future along with all of my NCAAB plays through March Madness by purchasing the Hoops All Inclusive package below.*

Are you ready to take your sports betting to the next level?

If you are ready to take your sports betting seriously and use it as a mechanism to produce a secondary (or even primary) form of income, you are in the right place.

As sports betting space has become polluted by fly by night 'handicappers' who promise the world but their results come up far short of expectations, the one constant in this space over the last half a decade has been my consistency in producing results in both College Hoops and the NBA year after year.

If you have a bankroll to dedicate to this package and have the discipline to stick to the script, you can be like the hundreds of clients who subscribe to my hoops package every year and use it to generate a very solid second stream of income.

But don't just take my word for it! 

What past clients have said:


Since the beginning of 2023 I have moved away from sport specific packages, but with football ending, there is nothing to bet on for the next month but HOOPS and I have gotten a lot of requests from clients who only want my basketball picks so I am opening up my NBA & NCAAB packages for the next 24 hours:

$750 $500

$1,250 $850